Darcy’s Modern Nouveau


Konfetti™ & Tutti™ 50wt double gassed Egyptian cotton • 8 spools – 500m (547yd)
Art nouveau with a modern flair brings this compilation in a versatile range of mid-tones and pops of colour. These gorgeous 100% long staple Egyptian cotton threads have been double gassed for a smooth, ultra-low lint finish that is designed to give you the finest stitch quality. Whether you’re quilting, piecing, doing machine embroidery or appliqué, this array of colour is sure to spur your artistic mind and inspire beautiful projects!

Colors Included:
KT402 Dark Orange
KT611 Brass Green
KT704 Dark Xmas Green
KT904 Blue/Grey
• KT1005 Storm Front
TU12 Strawberry
TU38 Wheat
TU23 Sea Blue
* Unlinked colors are only available in this pack.


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