Pablo’s Painted Palette


Splendor™ 40wt 2-ply rayon • 10 spools – 150m (164yd)
Get inspired to unleash your creativity with these gorgeous bright rainbow hues! Splendor™ is a 40wt rayon thread that is colorfast and finishes soft and silky. Due to its properties, keeping your projects fresh, vivid and beautiful is its specialty. Whether you are quilting, machine embroidering, decorative stitching, or thread painting, rely on Pablo’s Painted Palette to bring that special touch to your projects.

Colors Included:
R1168 Bright Rose
R1164 Shell Pink
R4148 Oasis
R4119 Dill
R3111 Mazarine Blue
• R1157 Med Plum
R1156 Cameo Pink
R2121 Amber Gold
R3105 Silver Lake Blue
• 3135 Imperial Blue


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