Diana’s Royal Blues


Konfetti™ & Tutti™ 50wt double gassed Egyptian cotton • 8 spools – 500m (547yd)
A collection of stately blues and creamy hues are the perfect pair for any royal sewing project. These gorgeous 100% long staple Egyptian cotton threads have been double gassed for a smooth, ultra-low lint finish that is made to give you the finest stitch quality. Diana’s Royal Blues are perfectly curated for an elegant statement. Whether you’re embroidering a kerchief or quilting a bed quilt fit for a queen, these luxurious cotton threads will stitch your projects together exquisitely.

Colors Included:
• KT1001 Eventide
• KT1004 Woodland Dusk
KT600 Blue
• KT1002 Aquamarine
KT609 Sky Blue
• KT1003 Clotted Cream
KT804 Brown/Grey
* Unlinked colors are only available in this pack.


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