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Eleganza™ - 8wt Egyptian Cotton Thread
Merino Wool Fabric: Sue Spargo
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Successfully Sewing With Holographic Thread

If you’ve ever used a slitted polyester thread, you’ll know they are really amazing to look at. Ho
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Wool Appliqué Thanksgiving Placemats

We love decorating for the change of seasons, so what better way to bring autumn into your home th

9 Designer Collaborations with WonderFil Threads

We love collaborating with your favorite designers to bring new thread collections curated to pair



An Important Message to Our American Shoppers

As many retail stores are temporarily closing their doors or reducing business hours, we want to make it easier for you to have access to the WonderFil threads and products you’re used to while you pass the hours at home. If you are currently residing in a US state that has been locked down or if a stay at home policy is being enforced, you may be finding it even more difficult to find supplies for your sewing hobbies as all non-essential businesses have been closed. This online store is available to those finding themselves in these situations for their convenience.

However first and foremost, we encourage you to purchase from your local retailer if possible. Supporting your local business will help them stay afloat until the current circumstances have improved.

Until then, we hope that a little bit of sewing and stitching can help brighten up your day.

Sincerely, the WonderFil Team

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