Machine Embroidery Sampler


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Ready to take your machine embroidery to the next level? Experiment with a variety of beautiful specialty threads that can make your embroidered designs stand out with a totally unique look! Included in this machine embroidery sampler pack are 7 sample size spools that give you the opportunity to play with a variety of machine embroidery threads available. You’ll also receive a detailed hints and tips guide to tell you more about each thread, how you can use it, as well as sewing tips to give you the best results. You can also click here for some of our free embroidery designs and embroidery projects.

In this sampler pack, you’ll receive 1 sample size mini spool of: DecoBob™ 80wt cottonized polyester, Spotlite™ 40wt rayon core metallic, Mirage™ 30wt random dyed rayon, Splendor™ 40wt 100% rayon, Polyfast™ 40wt trilobal polyester, D-Twist™ 20wt twisted rayon, and Silco™ 35wt 100% lint-free cotton.

This generously sized sampler includes a huge variety of threads you can play with and compare, including a few options that offer a totally unique look and feel to your embroidery designs. Use 80wt DecoBob™ in the bobbin for every top thread, and also in the top for monogramming, small sized designs, and intricate designs. Enjoy Spotlite™ as a trouble-free metallic and play with random variegated colours with Mirage™. Also included are our two standard embroidery threads, Splendor™ rayon and Polyfast™ trilobal polyester. Don’t forget to read about the differences between rayon and polyester threads and when you should choose one over the other! You’ll also receive a spool of the unique twisted thread, D-Twist™, as well as the totally lint-free cotton Silco™ which stitches like a dream.

Note that all colours included will be randomized and may not be the same colours shown in the product image.


    • DecoBob™ 80wt cottonized polyester
    • Spotlite™ 40wt rayon core metallic
    • Mirage™ 30wt random dyed rayon
    • Splendor™ 40wt 100% rayon
    • Polyfast™ 40wt trilobal polyester
    • D-Twist™ 20wt twisted rayon
    • Silco™ 35wt 100% lint-free cotton


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