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Embroidery Threads

Specialty Embroidery Threads & Floss Perfect for Your Next Sewing Project

Select your Material:

Silco 35wt

35wt, 3-ply, Sateen Finish, Lint Free Cotton.

Colors: 30 Solid & 30 Variegated

Size: 700m (766yd)

Available in 36 colours, DecoBob™ will blend into your fabric where it won’t be seen.

DecoBob 80wt

80wt Cottonized Polyester Thread.

Colors: 36 Solid

Size: 250m/ 273yd | 2000m/2187yd | 6000m/6562yd

FabuLux 40wt

40wt, 3-ply trilobal polyester thread.

Colors: 35 Variegated & 5 neon

Size: 700m/766yd | 2743m/3000yd

Flash 40wt

40wt Polyester Reflective Thread

Colors: 8 Reflective Colors

Size: 137m/150yd

Available in 8 colours, use it to create texture and add dimension to your projects.


Slitted Polyester Thread

Colors: 8 Reflective Colors

Size: 300m/328yd

InvisaFil 100wt

100wt Cottonized Polyester Thread

Colors: 60 Matte Colors

Size: 400m/473yd | 2500m/2743yd | 9144m/10000yd

Available with a grand total of 210 rich solid colours, use Polyfast™ for thread painting or quilting.

Polyfast 40wt

40wt Trilobal Polyester Thread

Colors: 210 Solid Colors

Size: 1000m/1094yd | 5000m/5468yd

Accent 12wt

12wt/2ply Rayon Thread

Colors: 40 solid colors & 20 variegated colors.

Size: 400m/437yd

This gorgeous 20wt twisted rayon thread adds texture and emphasis anywhere its sewn.

D-Twist 40wt

2ply Twisted Rayon Thread

Colors: 40 two-tone twisted colors

Size: 500m/547yd

Mirage 30wt

30wt Random-Dyed Rayon Thread

Colors: 40 Variegated

Size: 800m/875yd | 2743m/3000yd

Splendor 40wt

40wt Rayon Thread

Colors: 342 Solid & 31 Variegated

Size: 1000m/1094yd | 4572m/5000yd

GlaMore 12wt

12wt Rayon and Metallic Thread

Colors: 40 Solid Colors

Size: 274m/300yd

Spotlite 40wt

40wt Rayon-Core Metallic Thread

Colors: 40 Solid Colors

Size: 1000m/1094yd

Add a totally new dimension to any project with Ahrora's 8 glow in the dark thread colours.

Ahrora 40wt

40wt Glow-in-the-Dark Thread

Colors: 8 Solid Colors

Size: 183m/200yd

Iron 'n Fuse 40wt

Fusible Vinylon Thread

Colors: 1

Size: 183m/200yd

Rinse 'n Gone 40wt

Washaway Polyester Thread

Colors: 1

Size: 183m/200yd