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Choosing the Best Hand Embroidery Thread

When doing hand embroidery, you can add a huge variety of textures and materials. Here are our suggestions for the best results.

When you’re doing hand embroidery you might reach for your favourite thread floss, but what else is out there? As it turns out, you can add a huge variety of textures and materials to your hand thread arsenal once you know all your options. We’re going to dive into the world of hand embroidery threads and show you what professional artists use to give their projects a totally unique look.

1. Perle Cotton

Perle cotton is by far one of the most common hand embroidery threads you’ll come across. The most popular size is a #8 as it is the perfect weight to comfortably do pretty much every hand embroidery stitch.

Eleganza perle cotton is a beautiful perle cotton thread with an ultra low lint finish that gives your stitching a clean look. While #8 is the most frequently used and what we recommend to anyone learning hand embroidery, Eleganza also comes in #5 and even #3 sizes in the Sue Spargo colour collection. By doing the same stitches with a different thread weight, you can totally change the look of the stitch.

Just getting started with hand embroidery? You’ll need to know a few basic stitches to make your projects stand out. To learn a few fun stitches head on over to

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Even something as simple as a running stitch can take on a different, bolder look with these thicker threads. Mixing #8, #5, and #3 weight perle cottons together in your stitches can create a beautiful array of textures that can’t be achieved otherwise.

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The variegated colours in the Eleganza collection are designed with an extra short colour change. This means it’s easy to see all the colours in a variegated thread, even with smaller stitches.

Do you have some idea’s already brewing for your next embroidery project with Eleganza? Head over to to add it to your collection!

2. Rayon & Metallic

A thicker rayon thread can create a totally different texture than what you’ll get with cotton.

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Razzle is a soft rayon thread with a gorgeous luster and shine that resists unraveling, making it really easy to stitch with efficiently without the thread strands falling apart. This user-friendly thread is perfect even for new stitchers as a result.

Can’t stop looking at the gorgeous luster of Razzle? You can shop the Razzle thread line at

If you really want to go big, then Dazzle is an 8wt rayon thread with a single strand of metallic woven through it.

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This gives a little glint of sparkle to your stitching that adds a whole new dimension to your project. Dazzle comes in a few different colour collections, including the Sue Spargo collection and the multi-coloured Starry Night Dazzle collection by Kim Rado.

Enchanted by the sparkle and shine of Dazzle? You can shop the Dazzle thread line here

3. 12wt Cotton

A 12wt cotton thread is comparable in weight to a single strand of floss. If you’re hand stitching with a 12wt cotton, always choose one that is low on lint, like Spagetti and Fruitti.

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These 12wt long staple Egyptian cotton threads have undergone a process called double gassing where 80% of the lint was burned off its surface. The thread has this process done a second time, giving you a super low lint finish that leaves your stitching showing off clean and beautiful, without being hidden under a halo of lint. 12wt cotton or a single strand of thread floss is perfect for smaller details and designs or adding intricate stitching in a small area.

The search for the perfect 12wt thread is over! You can shop Spagetti here

And for those looking for an extra pop of colour? Frutti is the thread for you. To shop the variegated thread Frutti, head on over to

We hoped this helps give you an idea of what hand embroidery threads exist, as well as some ideas for how different threads should be chosen depending on the look you’re planning on achieving. We’ve stitched out some samples with each thread so you can see exactly how these threads perform.

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Looking for some inspiration for your next hand embroidery project? You can find a variety of gorgeous patterns here:

Were you inspired to sew with WonderFil threads? Head on over to to shop online, or find a store near you that carries WonderFil. You can also sign up for our educational newsletter for weekly tips, tutorials, and free patterns delivered straight to your inbox by clicking here


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