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Fall in Love With Alison Glass Eleganza™ Perle Cotton Thread!

Good things come in small packages, including the beautiful Eleganza #8 Perle Cotton threads! Dive in to see this collection by Alison Glass

Good things do come in small packages! Introducing this stunning new collection by Alison Glass for WonderFil threads. Your favourite #8 perle cotton Eleganza thread now comes in 48 brand new colors designed by Alison Glass to match her fabric collections. It’s truly a match made in heaven.

Check out our YouTube video to see just how dreamy these threads are.

  1. Get to Know the Alison Glass Eleganza Collection

For those who can’t get enough, you can find these threads in four-pack varieties: Stars, Sun, Flora, and Fauna. Each pack includes 12 perle cotton balls each, with Stars containing 12 stunning variegated colors, and the other three with a beautiful variety of solid shades. With colors this delectable, we truly couldn’t resist all four packs. 

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But this thread isn’t just pretty to look at. Eleganza™ is a 100% long-staple Egyptian perle cotton thread that has been double gassed, resulting in a beautifully smooth and lustrous finish that glides through all types of fabric and fibres. It also has a strong, tight twist and doesn’t like to unravel. That means you’ll be able to create tight, firm stitches that look and feel both gorgeous and professional.

Though these vibrant threads come in these four packs, you can also purchase the colors that you’re head over heels with as an individual 5g ball! This comes in handy if you have one of the packs, but only want one or two colors from another. You can fully customize your own personal Alison Glass Eleganza Thread collection by ordering your favorite individual 5g balls, the only downside is that they won’t come in this whimsical box!

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  1. The Best ways To Use Alison Glass Eleganza Threads

So what can you use this thread for? This is a #8 size thread, which is ideal for all kinds of hand embellishment, big stitch hand quilting, visible mending, sashiko, and even couching and bobbin work on a sewing machine. It’s perfect for both beginners and experienced sewists. You can showcase texture and color with this thread like no other.

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We recommend a milliner’s size 1, long darner size 1, or a chenille size 24 hand sewing needle with this thread. That will ensure you don’t create too large of a hole in your fabric, nor will you end up with too small of a hole for the thread to comfortably fit through. You can find these needles through

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  1. Let’s Get Creative!

As if you needed another reason to start stitching with these gorgeous perle cotton threads,

We’re excited to tell you about a 6-month stitch club program with Alison Glass! Each month will have its own stitch style theme (kantha, sashiko, embroidery, etc…) with projects that feature these gorgeous threads.

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Members will receive a mini magazine-style PDF each month that includes a new hand stitching project and tutorial, featured fiber artists, further reading and inspiration, tips, tools, and material suggestions, and other inspirational and fun content. Better yet, if you missed the first month or two, that’s okay! Upon purchase, you’ll get any previous month’s projects as well! You can sign up for the AG Stitch club by visiting the following link!

  1. Community Highlight Time! 

We’re so inspired by what the community has been doing with the AG stitch club and the Alison Glass Eleganza perle cotton threads that we wanted to share what some fellow creatives have been working on!

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@blushingowlstitchery created this gorgeous throw pillow with the August project for the AG stitch club! Using the couching technique on these beautiful strands of yarn from Alison Glass creates such a simple yet elegant texture to this fun and colorful project! Head over to their Instagram to see what else they’re creating!

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@beradishing created this fun project using materials from the Alison Glass collection and Drop Cloth! These bright colors and intricate stitches caught our eye immediately! You can check out what else they’re working on by following their Instagram here!

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We’re obsessed with this couching project! @seamstresskris created some of the most whimsical curtains with materials from the Alison Glass collection. How dreamy are these? You’ll want to check out their Instagram to view the other pictures of this project:

Be sure to check out all of these creators on Instagram, we promise that you won’t be disappointed!

You can follow the hashtag #AGStitchClub to see what others are doing with the Alison Glass Eleganza Threads, and maybe inspire one of your upcoming projects!

These projects have us here at WonderFil dreaming big about our next projects with the Alison Glass Eleganza perle cotton threads and hope that they’ve sparked some inspiration for some of your own projects too! Make sure to tag us or use the hashtag #wonderfilspecialtythreads on Instagram so that we can share your work and be inspired by your projects!

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Are you new to embroidery? Alison Glass has teamed up with Dropcloth Samplers to practice on, and have a reference sheet of stitches for you to refer back to!  Dropcloth Samplers is a line of hand-drawn embroidery samplers, printed and ready for you to jump in and start stitching right away. You can find amazing sample embroidery patterns to keep you sharp as a needle when it comes to types of stitches, what they look like with different thread weights and materials. And don’t forget, all of the colors of the Alison Glass Eleganza perle cotton threads both in solid, and variegated colors!

You can get your sampler, and join the AG stitch club by heading over to

Or, find more helpful, decorative, and beautiful Dropcloth Sampler designs hand drawn by Rebecca Ringquist in her Portland Studio on the Etsy Shop here

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Want to make projects like these? You can sign up for the AG Stitch club, or purchase these materials and the Alison Glass Eleganza Perle Cotton thread packs, fabrics and more by visiting  or head over to to find the packs and individual 5g balls online or at a shop near you! You can also sign up for our educational newsletter for weekly tips, tutorials, and free patterns delivered straight to your inbox by clicking here


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