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Introducing Alison Glass Eleganza™ Perle Cotton

Introducing Alison Glass Eleganza perle cotton thread.

Good things do come in small packages. Introducing this stunning new collection by Alison Glass for WonderFil® threads. Your favourite #8 perle cotton Eleganza™ thread now comes in 48 brand new colors designed by Alison Glass to match her fabric collections. It’s truly a match made in heaven.

For those who can’t get enough, you can find these threads in four pack varieties: Stars, Sun, Flora, and Fauna. Each pack includes 12 perle cotton balls each, with Stars containing 12 stunning variegated colors, and the other three with a beautiful variety of solid shades. With colors this delectable, we truly couldn’t resist all four packs.

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But this thread isn’t just pretty to look at. Eleganza™ is a 100% long staple Egyptian perle cotton thread that has been double gassed, resulting in a beautifully smooth and lustrous finish that glides through all types of fabric and fibres. It also has a strong, tight twist and doesn’t like to unravel. That means you’ll be able to create tight, firm stitches that look and feel both gorgeous and professional.

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So what can you use this thread for? This is a #8 size thread, which is ideal for all kinds of hand embellishment, big stitch hand quilting, visible mending, sashiko, and even couching and bobbin work on a sewing machine. It’s perfect for both beginner and experienced sewists. You can really showcase texture and color with this thread like no other.

We recommend a milliners size 1, long darner size 1, or a chenille size 24 hand sewing needle with this thread. That will ensure you don’t create too large of a hole in your fabric, nor will you end up with too small of a hole for the thread to comfortably fit through.

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Alison Glass Stitch Club, Available May – November, 2020

We’re excited to announce a new 6 month stitch club program with Alison Glass! Each month will have its own stitch style theme (kantha, sashiko, embroidery, etc.) with projects that feature these gorgeous threads. Members will receive a mini magazine-style PDF each month that includes a new hand stitching project and tutorial, featured fiber artists, further reading and inspiration, tips, tools, and material suggestions, and other inspirational and fun content.

To learn more about Alison Glass + WonderFil Eleganza™ threads, or to join the stitch club, visit:

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