Starry Night Dazzle Collector Set


This gorgeous 30 spool collection of Dazzle™ is perfect for bringing out a little sparkle and texture in your projects. With colours designed by Kim Rado from Starry Night Hollow, the 8wt rayon and metallic thread has multi-coloured strands that add dimension. Dazzle™ is comparable in weight to a #8 perle cotton and carries a naturally bright lustre with a silky finish, making it an excellent choice for crafts, crochet, knitting, and highlighting details. It’s also ideal for adding details to wool appliqué, and enhancing edging stitches for a little extra sparkle.

Additional information


Bobbinwork, Couching, Overlock, Sashiko



Metallic/Shimmer, Sheen

Machine Compatibility

Handwork, Serger/Overlocker


Metallic, Rayon

Product Type



Heavy 3wt-30wt

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