Eleganza™ 5g Balls Collector Set (Solid Colors)


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Including 96 solid colors of Eleganza™ from the WonderFil® color collection. Perfect for stitching enthusiasts who love Eleganza™, save by purchasing these sets instead of each individual color. Eleganza™ is also available in a variegated colors collection not included in this set.

This gorgeous 8wt, 2-ply 100% long staple Egyptian cotton thread is double-gassed and mercerized, resulting in a wonderfully smooth and lustrous surface that allows the thread to glide beautifully through all types of fabrics and fibres. The thread’s tight twist creates beautifully firm stitches while its surface sheen produces a luxurious finish to embellishment stitchery. Eleganza™ is a perfect match for your next hand work or embellishment project.

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Material: 2-ply 100% Long Staple Double-Gassed Egyptian Cotton
Weight: #8
Sizes:  5g balls (38.4m, 42yd)
Usages: Wool applique, hand embroidery, sashiko.

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Heavy 3wt-30wt

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