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Hand Embroidered Garden Beetles Using Precut Wool Circle Kits

These pre-cut wool circles come in various sizes and colors are a huge time saver! Here’s one idea on how to purpose pre-cut circles into some cute garden beetles that can be appliquéd onto bags, accessories, or integrated into a quilt block or another project. Use simple hand embroidery stitches to bring it all together.

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Download the free pattern by clicking here.

Pre-cut Wool Circles:

1 1/2” in Orange, Green, Yellow

1/4” in Grey

#8 Eleganza Perle Cotton Embroidery Thread:

EZ200 Black, EZ144 Emerald, EZ226 Dandelion Puff

Efina 60wt Egyptian Cotton Appliqué Thread:

EF34 Sun Yellow, EF13 Electric Lime, EF21 Rhubarb, EF30 Black

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To begin, pin your 1 ½” size pre-cut wool circles to your quilt block or project. Appliqué them down using the Efina 60wt cotton. If you are using the pre-cut wool circles pictured below, Efina thread is actually designed to match the colors in the wool perfectly so it disappears almost completely.

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After appliquéing the pieces, your beetles should look something like this.

You can now begin embroidering the little details in! We used a disappearing marker to trace the beetle patterning, making it easy to follow when stitching.

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We’ll be hand embroidering the beetles using Eleganza #8 perle cotton. Using a simple backstitch or chain stitch is all you need to trace the outlines and legs, but get creative and experiment with other stitches to add texture and dimension!

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Whether you follow our pattern or create your own, we’d love to see what you made. Tag us on Facebook @wonderfil or Instagram @wonderfilspecialtythreads, or using the hashtag #wonderfil. Happy crafting!


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