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Embroidered Reflective Face Mask

This easy embroidery project is great for keeping your family safe this Halloween with a thread that reflects light in a totally unique way!

This easy embroidery project is perfect for keeping you and your kids safe this Halloween! Featuring a strongly reflective thread called Flash, you can embroider your choice of a goofy or spooky smile on your face mask that reflects back light in a totally unique way. We’ve included free patterns for both the embroidery designs and the face mask, so don’t forget to download those here!

Face Mask Pattern:

Embroidery Pattern:

You can also watch our Youtube video here:

Download and upload the design to your embroidery machine to get started. You’ll want to choose a 140mm x 140mm size embroidery hoop to fit a standard face mask pattern on it. We’ll be using a 100% cotton fabric for the mask with a tearaway stabilizer underneath.

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In the needle we’ll be using this 40wt highly reflective thread called Flash™. This thread is not a glow in the dark thread but instead is something uniquely different.

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It strongly reflects back lights, such as from headlights, street lamps, or any other available light source, giving your mask a spooky look while simultaneously keeping you safe and visible at night.

If you’d like to purchase Flash™, you can find it in our online shop here:

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Flash is also good for other items like clothing to keep you and your loved ones safe while you trick-or-treat this year when you head out on Halloween night. You can watch our video on how to make this high visibility dog coat here:

In the bobbin we’ll be using this 80wt bobbin thread called DecoBob™. This is our bobbin thread of choice, especially for machine embroidery, as the finer thread reduces the bulk between all the dense stitching and gives your embroidery a better stitch quality.

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You can shop for DecoBob™ pre-wound bobbins in our online shop here:

Run the embroidery, changing thread colours if needed for your design. On the parts where you don’t want the design to reflect, we will be using 40wt Polyfast™ trilobal polyester thread, the type of embroidery thread you’d want to use where the design goes under a lot of washing. Polyfast™ is soft and smooth to the touch, which makes for the perfect thread to use in a face mask design, as well as to avoid adding any unwanted rigidity to the embroidered design. Polyfast™ is also dyed to withstand mild bleaching, which is perfect for keeping your face mask clean between wears.

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Once your design is finished stitching out, remove it from the hoop and cut away the excess stabilizer. We’ve come up with two options for a spooky mask design, as well as our recommended thread colours!

You can shop for Polyfast in our online shop here:

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You can download your favourite of the designs shown above by following this link:

If you’d like some other spooky ideas for embroidered face masks, we’ve found two other spook-tastic free embroidery designs for you!

For a pumpkin smile face mask design you can click here:

And for a bit more of a light hearted design, you can find a puppy nose face mask design here:

Lay your mask pattern on the embroidered fabric and line up the curved front end with the edge of the mouth embroidery before cutting it out.

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Mirror the pattern on the other side, lining it up the same way. Cut your lining fabric, following the included mask pattern.

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We’ll be swapping out our top thread for a more ideal construction thread. This is a 40wt all-purpose polyester called Designer™ which we’ll be using to sew together the mask pieces. You can shop for Designer™ in our online shop here:

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Stitch the center front seam of the embroidered mask fabric and the lining to join the mask in the front.

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Place the outer and inner pieces right sides together and stitch the top edge and bottom edge, starting and stopping ½” from the beginning and end.

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Turn the mask inside out through the side opening and press. Flip the edges of the mask by ¼” and press, fold again by ½” and press. This creates the casing for the elastic.

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Topstitch along the edge of the top and bottom to prevent the lining from turning outward. Stitch along the edge of the seam to hold in place. Give it a quick press to smooth out any wrinkles.

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Using a safety pin attached to the end of an elastic, slide it through the casing starting at the bottom of the mask.

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Knot or stitch the elastic in a circle, then slide the join into the casing to hide it. You now have a fun new mask ready for Halloween! Do you need some comfortable to wear ear elasctics? You can purchase elastics built for sitting comfortably on the face and ears in our online shop here:

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Go out in your protective and petrifying Halloween gear, and enjoy this spooky holiday because it goes by in a Flash! Speaking of, if you liked how this project turned out, and would like to make your own items of protective gear and clothing with reflective thread you can visit our online shop to purchase it here:

Let us know in the comments if you’re making this project for yourself or your family by tagging us on Instagram using the hashtag #wonderfil! Head on over to to find a store near you that carries WonderFil, or shop online for threads like Flash. You can also sign up for our free newsletter to receive more educational sewing tips, tutorials, and free patterns. Register by clicking here! We’ll see you again next time!


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