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DIY Scented sachets

Scented sachets are wonderful additions to the home as they can be used in a variety of clever ways all around the house. Tuck them in closets or in drawers to leave a lightly fragrant scent on your clothing, keep them in your vehicle as a natural alternative to car fresheners, drop them in your dryer to keep clothes smelling fresh, keep them with your storage to act as a natural repellent instead of using mothballs, drop them in a bath for an aromatic and relaxing at-home spa day, or even tuck them into your pillow case to help you relax and sleep at night. They also make cute and thoughtful handmade gifts for every occasion!

These adorable little pouches are not only practical household items, but incredibly easy to make and turn into decorative pieces. Here’s what you need to make a four leaf clover sachet:

– download and print the four leaf clover pattern

– felt or wool in dark green and light green colouration

– a chalk fabric pen

–  dried lavender or other dried herbs, flowers, or spices of your choice (these can easily be purchased at a local specialty spice store or online)

– Eleganza 8wt perle cotton in White

– appliqué pins

– no. 24 chenille needle

Optional materials:

– 100wt InvisaFil in colours IF712 and IF702

– Eleganza 8wt perle cotton in colour EL5G26







Begin by cutting out the printed four leaf clover template and trace, using the chalk pen:
2 pieces of the large clover on the dark green felt
1 piece of the small circle on the dark green felt
1 of the smaller clover on the lighter green felt.

We used 100wt InvisaFil (colour IF712) thread to whip stitch the small dark green circle to the smaller light green clover, then used IF702 to do the same with the light green clover over one piece of the dark green clover.


Next we began to embellish the piece using Eleganza perle cotton in White and EL5G26. Starting with a simple backstitch, we made a circle around the center and added a series of french knots and bullion knots for contrast and detail, however you can do whatever you like!

Once you’re finished hand embellishing your piece, take the second dark green clover piece and layer it underneath. Then begin blanket stitching the two pieces together with the White Eleganza thread. Continue until you have a small gap left before reaching the end.

Using a small tea spoon, carefully fill the sachet with dried lavender, or whichever other herbs/spices you may be using, and gently push it into all the corners with your finger until the sachet is full.

Tie off the blanket stitch to complete your scented sachet!

We hope you enjoyed our latest DIY project! Remember, you can always use different colours of wool or felt to make a “flower” instead of a four leaf clover.

With Love and Threads,

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