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9 Designer Collaborations with WonderFil Threads

We collaborated with these 8 designers to bring you 8 thread pack collections with you in mind! Take a look into these amazing packs!

We love collaborating with your favorite designers to bring new thread collections curated to pair with iconic fabrics, quilt patterns, and give you a dose of colors that will inspire your next project! Here’s a list of 9 designers we’ve teamed up with to bring you a special collection made with you in mind.

1. Alison Glass

Eleganza™ #8 Perle Cotton

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If you’ve seen Alison’s fabric prints, you know she loves to go bold with color. That’s exactly what she did with this collection of Eleganza #8 perle cotton. Available in 48 brand new colors exclusive to this collection, this thread is perfect for hand embroidery, big stitch hand quilting, sashiko, hand appliqué, and crafts. For the perfect bundle of colors to get started with, you can also find these colors available in packs in 4 different colorways: Flora, Fauna, Sun, and Stars.

Shop Alison Glass Eleganza™ online:

2. Violet Craft

DecoBob™ 80wt Poly Packs

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We’re a huge fan of Violet’s foundation paper piecing quilt patterns, and she really knows her stuff when it comes to putting together these blocks. Violet’s all-time favorite piecing thread is DecoBob™ because his ultra-fine 80wt thread makes pieced seams sit flatter and makes it easier to line up quilt blocks. We’ve brought you this perfect little thread pack with 3 basic colors, making it easy to piece all your projects!

Shop the DecoBob™ pack online:

Spagetti™ 12wt Cotton Packs

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But what about when you want to go bold? Violet also created this gorgeous collection of Spagetti™ 12wt Egyptian cotton that pairs perfectly with her fabric collections. These colors are totally unique to this collection and the thread is incredibly low on lint, giving your projects that final touch to bring it all together. Use this beautiful heavy thread for topstitching, quilting, decorative stitching, big stitch hand quilting, and even hand embroidery.

Shop Violet Craft Spagetti™ online:

3. Sue Daley

DecoBob™ 80wt Poly Mini Packs

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Sue Daley has made a name for herself in the quilting world, especially when it comes to paper piecing. She’s put her expertise into play with many of her Sue Daley branded tools and accessories, including her favorite piecing thread: DecoBob™. We’ve collaborated to create these perfect little packs of DecoBob™ 80wt polyester thread on mini spools; perfect for English paper piecing and hand appliqué. Available in basics, brights, and the full set of her favorite colors, they’re ideal for picking up the perfect set of colors for your EPP and appliqué projects.

Shop Sue Daley DecoBob™ packs online:

Sue Daley Bobbinator™

Sue Daley loved the Bobbinator™ sewing accessory so much, she wanted her own version with her signature pink color. This unique tool is perfect for taking up to 6 different colored bobbins with you on the go while keeping them organized together. The upper compartment allows you to pull out the thread as needed while keeping it tidy inside the device. However, the Bobbinator™ can also be used on the machine, allowing you to sew with the bobbin as a top thread for small to medium-sized projects, meaning you don’t need to take larger thread spools with you when you travel. How’s that for convenient?

Shop the Sue Daley Bobbinator™ online:

4. Aster & Anne

Pre-Cut Felt Kits

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Aster & Anne is an Australian business with a focus on making pre-cut felt bags that can be easily assembled and decorated however you like. And when we say however you like, we really mean the possibilities are infinite. Whether you want to showcase your hand embroidery, machine couching, crochet, appliqué… any technique can be added to make your bag unique and special to you.

Because the kits are so fast and easy to assemble, they are accessible to sewers of any skill level. And that also means you can focus on the fun part of the project: the embellishing!

To check out the full list of kit options and shop online, click here:

5. Petra Prins

Efina™ 60wt Extra Long Staple Egyptian Cotton

This Dutch designer has put together 2 collections of Efina™ 60wt gassed cotton thread that function beautifully in both traditional and modern color palettes: Painted Garden and Promenade. This incredibly low lint thread is a wonderful choice for hand and machine piecing, hand and machine appliqué, and quilting, especially quilting with finer and dense details.

Shop Petra Prins Efina™ packs online:

6. Kim Rado Starry Night Hollow

Starry Night Dazzle™

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For a collection that’s out of this world, Starry Night Dazzle™ is an 8wt thread made from different colored strands of rayon twisted together with a single strand of metallic, creating a totally unique visual effect. Available in 35 colors, this thread is ideal for hand embroidery, hand appliqué, machine couching, crochet, knitting, bobbin work, and crafts. Use it wherever you want to make a statement!

To view the full line of colors and to shop online, click here:

7. Laundry Basket Quilts

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This international brand by Edyta Sitar has an incredible selection of quilt patterns and fabrics that we can’t help but fawn over. Curated to Edyta’s unique style, there are 9 different packs with everything from low lint Konfetti™ and Tutti™ 50wt cottons to ultra-fine 100wt InvisaFil™ polyester threads, plus everything in between!

To check out the full set of packs by Laundry Basket Quilts and to shop online, click here:

8. Wendy Williams

Pre-Cut Merino Wool Kits

One of our favourite Australian designers is Wendy Williams. Her love of wool appliqué and hand embroidery brought her to design her own ready-to-assemble pre-cut wool patterns with WonderFil. These simple kits come with all the pieces already cut out so you can jump straight to the appliqué and embellishment without needing to cut out the pieces first! Cut from 100% virgin Australian Merino wool, the fabric has a beautifully high loft and soft texture. You can find these kits available in 5 different designs and 2-4 colorways each.

To check out the full set of Wendy Williams pre-cut kits and to shop online, click here:

9. Sue Spargo

We saved the best for last. Sue Spargo is one of our oldest collaborators and also the designer we have the most lines of product with. Let’s take a closer look!

Eleganza™ Perle Cotton in #8, #5, & #3

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Sue Spargo developed her own collection of Eleganza™ perle cotton threads, and also made it available in three sizes of #8, #5, and #3. These spools are (almost) double the size of the 5g balls in the WonderFil and Alison Glass collections and open the door to another 140 solid and variegated colors. The different weights are perfect for adding texture and contrast to any hand embellishment and hand appliqué project, so get creative!

To check out the full line of Sue Spargo Eleganza™ and to shop online, click here:

Razzle™ & Dazzle 8wt Rayon & Rayon + Metallic

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For a unique 8wt thread that pops, check out these gorgeous thread lines. Razzle™ is a 100% rayon thread that has a beautiful gloss and shine, while Dazzle™ is rayon with a single strand of metallic running through it that gives it a pop of sparkle. These threads resist untwisting, making them easy to stitch with and do hand embroidery.

To view the full line of colors for Razzle™ and to shop online, click here:

To view the full line of colors for Dazzle™ and to shop online, click here:

Efina™ 60wt Cotton Thread, Ellana™ 12wt Wool/Acrylic Thread, & Australian Merino Wool Fabric

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Efina™ and Ellana™ are two thread lines were developed in conjunction with Sue Spargo designed specifically for appliqué. Efina™ is perfect for stitching all types of materials, while Ellana™ is ideal for wool on wool appliqué. But the best part is, both thread lines are dyed in the exact same 60 colors as the Australian Merino wool fabric collection, making it incredibly easy to match the thread color to the fabric. That’s a convenience you won’t find anywhere else!

Shop Efina™ 60wt cotton online:

Shop Ellana™ 12wt wool/acrylic thread online:

Shop Australian Merino wool fabric online:

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