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4 WonderFil Stocking Stuffers for the Sewist on Your List

Shopping for someone who loves to sew? We’ve curated a list of perfect stocking stuffers by WonderFil for the sewist in your life!

Shopping for someone who loves to sew? We’ve curated a list of perfect stocking stuffers by WonderFil that are the perfect little gift for the sewist in your life! Why not treat them to something they’re sure to appreciate? Get inspired with our list and discover something new!

You can watch along with our YouTube video to see just how wonderful all of these stocking stuffers are!

Before we begin, it makes sense to have a stocking to put all of these wonderful gifts into! We found this adorable quilted stocking tutorial online that is sure to keep the sewist on your list busy while you wrap all of their gifts!

1. The Bobbinator™ – A Totally Unique Sewing Accessory

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Looking for something special they definitely won’t have already? The Bobbinator™ is perfect for the person who has everything. This truly unique sewing accessory that allows you to use your bobbin as a top thread, making it perfect for small to medium projects.

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It also includes a reserve compartment to keep 3 additional bobbins in storage, so this handy little device is perfect for taking with you on the go for doing EPP or hand appliqué while keeping the thread organized.

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You can find it available in beige or grey in your choice of Class 15 bobbins or size L, or a different style by Sue Daley in her signature pink colour.

You can shop for the Bobbinator™ at a shop near you or online here:

2. Wonder Guard – A Specially Design Thread Guard You Can Sew With

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This sewing accessory is a must-have for any sewist. Wrap it around your spool of thread to keep it organized when you’re not using it. Afterall, no one wants to open their thread storage to find this.

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Wonder Guard is designed to cling to itself but it isn’t sticky to the touch, so you won’t have to worry about it leaving any residue behind. And they can be re-used again and again. If it gets dirty, you can simply wipe it with soap and water and it will work good as new.

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However, it can also be used while you’re sewing. Wrap it around your spool snug but not too tightly and draw the thread from the top. This prevents slippery threads from unspooling themselves while you sew, while also helping the thread draw consistently, giving you a better thread tension and quality.

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It’s also highly recommended for metallic threads which tend to curl, also known as a memory. The Wonder Guard helps pull those curls out as it leaves the spool, preventing tension issues that would happen if it were to enter the machine.

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This simple but multi-purpose sewing tool comes ten to a pack and is a perfect little gift to slide into any sewer’s stocking.

You can find the Wonder Guard in a shop near you, or online here:

3. The Violet Craft DecoBob™ Pack

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Want to give the gift of a thread anyone can use? DecoBob™ is an incredibly versatile thread that has so many uses that any kind of sewer will fall in love. Designer Violet Craft curated her favourite 3 basic colours that can pair with any project.

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So, what can you use it for? Have someone that pieces projects? DecoBob™ makes for an ideal piecing thread because this finer 80wt thread allows seams to lay flatter, making it easier to line up quilt blocks and patterns.

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It also works great as a quilting thread for when you don’t want the thread to show. Even a basic colour blends right into the fabric, making it easy to match with any colour.

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Or if you’re gifting to someone with an embroidery machine, this thread is perfect for stitching out the softest thread lace or any small, intricate designs, because the fine thread keeps all those little details visible.

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And if they enjoy doing hand appliqué or English paper piecing, this small thread is perfect for disappearing into the fabric where it can’t be seen and keeping the pieces flat and sitting tightly together.

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You can find the Violet Craft DecoBob™ packs in a shop near you, or online here:

4. Sue Spargo and Wendy Williams Pre-Cut Wool Kits

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Got a hand embroiderer in your life? These adorable little kits come with pre-cut Merino wool fabric pieces in fun designs from designers Sue Spargo and Wendy Williams. They’re the perfect little project that allows you to jump straight to the fun part – the embellishing, while skipping the hassle of cutting out all the pieces first.

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They’re easy to turn into a block or appliqué to a bag or accessory and can be embellished with your choice of threads. These kits make for a simple and beautiful quick project that won’t turn into a UFO (also known as the dreaded unfinished object).

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Now all that’s left is some wrapping paper to follow the theme of these gifts! We found this super cute sewing themed handmade wrapping paper on Etsy!

We hope this inspired you with some new ideas for this upcoming holiday season and find the perfect stocking stuffer for the crafty person in your life! Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season from all of us at WonderFil® Specialty Threads. If you’d like to pick up some of these gifts for the sewist in your life you can find a shop near you, or order online at You can also sign up for our free newsletter to receive more educational sewing tips, tutorials, and free patterns. Register by clicking here! We’ll see you again next time!



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