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Introducing InvisaFil™ Ultra Fine 100wt Cottonized Polyester Thread

Introducing InvisaFil™ 100wt cottonized polyester thread.

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Who knew a thread could get so small? Even though this thread is ever so little, it can make a huge impact in your projects. InvisaFil™ is fast becoming a favourite staple thread for English paper piecing, quilting, and needle turn appliqué, and has even been made into packs by Laundry Basket Quilts. Let’s take a look at what makes this thread so special.

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You won’t find many threads on the market that are this thin. InvisaFil™ is a 100wt thread, which is incredibly fine. This is WonderFil’s solution to monopoly threads. You know, those plastic fishing wire type threads that come in clear or smoke. While those threads can hide in the fabric, they can still be seen under bright lights, and dense stitching done with them will leave your project feeling stiff and inflexible.

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InvisaFil™ was created to negate these issues found in monopoly thread. Because the thread is so small, it not only hides incredibly well in the fabric, but it also doesn’t take up a whole lot of space in the fabric either. That means you can do a whole lot of dense stitching and micro quilting, and your fabric will still be soft and flexible.

It also comes in 60 different colors to better match your project. But you don’t need to worry about matching the thread too closely. InvisaFil™ in a neutral colour knows how to blend across a huge variety of shades. We used a light grey to quilt across this entire quilt, and as you can see, it blends across every color without a hitch.

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Because it disappears so easily, this is the ideal thread for wherever you don’t want the thread to show. So you’ll just see the texture of your quilting, rather than the thread in the quilting. This also makes InvisaFil™ perfect for stitch in the ditch, because you won’t even see the thread if it falls out of the ditch. If you set your machine to a tiny zigzag stitch, it does an amazing job for invisible machine appliqué. You’ll need your glasses to even see the stitching!

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InvisaFil™ works great on domestic sewing machines, midarms, longarms, and even embroidery machines. And in machine embroidery, this thread really loves to show off what it can do.

Delicate, highly detailed designs, monogramming, and small embroideries look even better when used with InvisaFil™ thread. This ultra-thin thread makes it possible to keep all the details in small or highly detailed designs that a regular 40wt embroidery thread won’t be able to. This includes lettering as the fine thread will keep edges looking sharp and crisp.

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But InvisaFil™ isn’t just for machines, it’s also hugely popular for hand techniques such as hand appliqué or English paper piecing. As mentioned before, InvisaFil™ doesn’t take up a lot of space in the fabric, and it’s a master at hiding. Therefore, all your EPP pieces will sit tightly together without any thread showing between them. That means you can easily get away with a simple and quick whip stitch to do your EPP with.

The same rules apply with needle turned appliqué. Not only will your pieces sit flat and tidy, but you won’t even see the thread. Sometimes choosing the best tools for the technique is all you need for better results.

If you’re stitching with InvisaFil™ by hand, we recommend using a #11 or #12 sharps needle. If you’ll be sewing with it in the machine, you can use a 60/8, 70/10, or 80/12 machine needle. Inspired to sew with InvisaFil™? Head on over to for a list of stores and retailers you can purchase from.


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