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Successfully Sewing With Holographic Thread

Holographic slitted polyester threads are amazing to look at, but can be a little tricky. Here are our tried and true tips to ensure success!

If you’ve ever used a slitted polyester thread, you’ll know they are really amazing to look at. However, they can also be a little tricky to work with because it doesn’t behave like regular thread does. Today we’re going to show you a few tricks to make this beautiful thread stitch perfectly.

Do you want to see how this thread shines? Watch our video all about it!

WonderFil makes a slitted polyester thread called Hologram. If you take a close look at it, you’ll see it doesn’t have a round shape like regular thread does. Instead, it’s flat like a ribbon and carries a sparkly, holographic quality that really stands out.

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You can use this thread for any decorative quilting, machine embroidery, thread painting, or any machine embellishing stitching. The thread really catches the light and shows off in a way no regular thread does, so you can create some amazing effects with it.

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1. Using the correct needle

One of the most important things to remember is that you’re using the correct needle. You can use either a size 90/14 topstitch needle or 90/14 metallic needle. Always use a new needle because a small burr in the eye or dull point will cause a lot of problems.

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2. Choosing the right bobbin thread

The next most important thing to do when sewing with slitted thread is to choose the right bobbin thread. I strongly recommend a lighter weight bobbin thread such as DecoBob 80wt, as this super fine thread won’t fight for tension with the top thread.

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A lighter bobbin thread will always give way to the top thread, and it will also greatly reduce the bulk in your stitching so your needle won’t be pushing through more material. This bobbin thread makes a huge difference when sewing with a slitted polyester thread.

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3. Using a Thread Tamer to pull out the memory

If you let the thread hang, you’ll notice it has a lot of memory, which is the curl you see in the thread. This can sometimes cause the thread to curl up on itself and create loops, which can create problems when those loops enter the machine.

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The best way to keep the thread straight as it enters the machine is to use a Thread Tamer tool. By weaving the thread through the slots in this stand, it helps to pull out all the loops and curls. It also gives the thread a chance to relax before it enters the machine.

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Think the Thread Tamer could elevate your sewing experience? You can shop for this tool here:

4. Choosing the correct spool pin position

Another thing to consider is which spool pin to put your thread on. If you put the spool on the horizontal spool pin, when the thread comes off you can see it grinds against the edge of the spool which will change your tension. This issue will become worse as the spool empties as the thread will pull against the edge at more of an angle.

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If you use the vertical spool pin, you’ll see that the thread flows off the spool smoothly without any tension changes. You can also use the horizontal spool pin on your Thread Tamer because it allows the thread to unwind without changing its tension the same way the vertical spool pin on your machine will.

5. Apply a Wonder Guard

Since slitted polyester thread can be a little slippery, it can sometimes fall down and pool around the base of the spool. Using a thread wrap like a Wonder Guard will keep this from happening. This handy device will cling to itself, which you can place snug, but not too tightly, around the spool. It will also help take out the curls from the thread as it comes off.

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Unlike a thread net which clings tightly against the spool and can change your tension, the Wonder Guard will sit over the thread so it won’t change the tension at all. The Wonder Guard is also great for storing these threads when they’re not in use, and keep them wrapped up nice and snug so that they won’t unwind.

Have you fallen in love with the Wonder Guard? You can find this useful tool on our online shop here:

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6. Create Something!

Hologram can add that bit of extra detail to make any project pop. With the holiday season coming up, why not add a touch of Christmas magic to your projects! We’ve found a list of 20+ projects that could do with a little bit of extra sparkle to fill your home with Holiday cheer!

And if you’re feeling inventive and want to make your own projects, Hologram is perfect for use on midarm machines and domestic machines for a decorative, or art quilt, embroidery, built-in decorative stitches, thread painting, 3D embellishment effects. We hope these suggestions have sparked a creative idea for you, and can’t wait to see all of the projects that are sure to be out of this world with Hologram thread!

(This project was created by Cindy Rowell)

Keep these tips in mind when sewing with slitted polyester thread and you should have no trouble using it in any project! It’s a gorgeous thread that has a unique look you won’t find in any regular thread, so don’t be afraid to try it out.

Have thread on the brain? You can shop the Hologram, and other useful tools on the online or at a shop near you by visiting You can also sign up for our free newsletter to receive more educational sewing tips, tutorials, and free patterns. Register by clicking here! We’ll see you again next time!


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