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Wonder Guard – An Essential Tool for Every Sewing Room

The Wonder Guard is useful for storing thread neatly, and for getting a nice even feed whenever you’re using a spool that requires a vertical feed.

Today we’ll be talking about the Wonder Guard, a very helpful little tool for any sewing room.

1. What is Wonder Guard?

The Wonder Guard is useful for storing thread neatly, and for getting a nice even feed whenever you’re using a spool that requires a vertical feed. The thread will come off the spool smoothly without pooling on the bottom. You can also use it to store your thread and keep it clean and wrapped when it’s not in use.

Intrigued by the Wonder Guard already? Head over to to scoop up this amazing tool!

2. Storing Your Thread With Wonder Guard

In order to use the wonder guard, peel it from its protective backing to reveal the clear sheet.

To store your thread, wrap it tightly around your spool to keep It nice and wrapped around itself.

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There’s no need to worry about a sticky film mucking up your spools, the Wonder Guard is designed to stick to itself with no adhesive strip. No sticky adhesive means that the Wonder Guard can be used over and over without need for replacement, making it the perfect tool for your sewing kit.

3. How Wonder Guard Keeps Your Threads Tidy

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Oh, the horrors of an unorganized thread box! Wrapping your spools tightly with Wonder Guard keeps your thread storage organized and free of messy tangles. Check out how Christine Baker from QuiltSocial Magazine discovered Wonder Guard when she was looking for a way to store her thread spools:

4. Sewing With Wonder Guard

When using the wonder guard to create a top feed off the spool, ensure that your thread is wrapped neatly around the spool as to avoid creating a lip that your thread may catch on. You’ll want to wrap the Wonder Guard around the spool looser than you did for storing to allow a bit of space for the thread to easily come off the top of the spool.

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This will help with any tension issues when using a cross wound spool and is better than a mesh thread net as there are no jagged edges around the top or bottom of the Wonder guard that will snag the thread as it comes off the spool.

5. Ideal for Slippery Threads

Some slippery threads have a tendency to unravel and pool around the base of the spool, which can cause the thread to catch on the spool base, resulting in tension problems and even thread breaks. By wrapping a Wonder Guard around these slippery spools snugly but not too tightly, the thread will stay put and feed off the spool normally.

6. An Essential Tool for Metallic Threads

The Wonder Guard can also make a huge difference when it comes to metallic threads. Metallic threads have a reputation for being difficult to work with, but when paired with the right tools, you too can include this gorgeous thread as part of your thread repertoire.

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If you’ve worked with metallic threads before, you’ll know that they have a tendency to curl. This curl is called a memory and it’s caused by the thread holding on to the shape of the cone it’s wrapped around. These curls can cause a lot of tension issues and even thread breaks and fraying when it enters the machine. To prevent this from happening, wrapping a Wonder Guard around the spool helps to pull those curls out as it comes off the spool, giving your metallic thread an even feed and tension.

Interested in learning more about how to sew with metallic threads successfully? Check out our video on How to Sew With Metallic Threads Without the Headache at this link:

7. Choosing the Right Size Wonder Guard for Your Spools.

The Wonder Guard comes in two different sizes, one for regular sized spools and another for mini spools.

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If you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to go to the shops or order a mini Wonder Guard online, the regular sized Wonder Guard can be cut to fit a mini thread spool, how handy is that!

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  1. Where to Buy Wonder Guard

Feeling the need to add the Wonder Guard to your sewing room? Find a store in your area that carries WonderFil, or shop online at You can also sign up for our free newsletter to receive more educational sewing tips, tutorials, and free patterns. Register by clicking here! We’ll see you again next time!


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