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Introducing the Thread Tamer™ – A Multifunctional Thread Stand

Today we’re going to talk about the Thread Tamer. It’s a multipurpose thread stand and is the perfect tool for your sewing room.

1. What Parts Come with the Thread Tamer

Here are all the pieces that come with your thread tamer

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The following pieces come with the thread tamer: Thread Tamer stand, extender piece, a horizontal spool pin piece, and four spool pegs, one for the horizontal spool piece and three for the vertical spool slots at the base of the stand.

You’ll notice the couching thread Slots at the base of the Thread Tamer.

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To set it up take the thread stand and the extender piece, and slide it on at the top of the stand.

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Next, add the horizontal spool pin piece which will slide over the stand starting at the narrow end and fitting perfectly about halfway down once the stand is wide enough.

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One of the four pegs will be used to hold your spool in place the other three pegs will go into each of the slots at the base of the thread tamer, ensure that your horizontal spool pin piece is in the right-side-up position by making sure it sits level and not angled down. That’s all there is to it know!

2. Adding Spools to the Thread Tamer

Next, we’re going to show you how to put a spool through your Thread Tamer. Place the spool on one of the bottom pegs and weave the thread through the slots at the top, starting the weave on the back side of the thread tamer.

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Now you can thread your machine. This is especially useful for finicky threads, like metallics, that twist upon themselves. However, if your thread comes off easily without twisting you can put it through the slot that is high enough to clear your machine. Once you’ve done this, you can see how easily the thread comes off the spool.

3. Using the Horizontal Spool Pin

To use the horizontal spool pin, put the pegs through the spool and hook it onto the attachment.

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Draw the thread up through the first slot and thread your machine. If you have a thread that twists on itself, such as a metallic thread, don’t forget to weave it through the slots.

4. Using the Couching Slots

Finally, let’s take a look at how to use the couching slots. you can fit up to three couching threads along the base. Draw thread from each spool through one of the slots before feeding it through the couching foot on your machine.

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The thread will come very easily off the spool, and the couching slots keep everything tidy.

You can also use the horizontal spool pin for your top thread while couching. Just load your spool on as shown above, and thread your machine.

That’s all there is to it! Now you know how to the Thread Tamer. As you can see it’s the perfect tool for keeping things organized when you’re working with specialty threads, and it’s so easy to use that any sewer can use it.

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