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Introducing Eleganza Perle Cotton Thread

Introducing Eleganza perle cotton thread.

Perle cotton is one of those thread basics any hand stitcher can’t go without. So why not reach for the best? Eleganza is a gorgeous perle cotton thread that comes in an incredible 340 unique solid and variegated colours. With that kind of selection, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the colours for your next project.

One of the things that make Eleganza perle cotton unique is its tight twist. This 2 ply thread resists unravelling, making it easy and efficient to sew with, without worrying about tangling or untwisting. That’s not something anyone wants to think about while they’re focused on creating something beautiful. The thread has also undergone double gassing, which is a process where 80% of the thread lint is burnt off its surface. This process is repeated a second time, making this one of the cleanest and smoothest perle cottons on the market. You’ll have no trouble stitching with this thread through all kinds of fabrics and fibres.

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200 of these shades are available in 100 solid and 100 variegated colours in the WonderFil collection. These little balls come in size #8 weight thread, the most popular thread weight for any kind of hand embellishment. They also come in 140 colours in the Sue Spargo collection. Designer, author, and teacher Sue Spargo has curated her own stunning collection of Eleganza threads, available in the Original and Primitive colour collections. You’ll find the #8 weight spools of Eleganza have double the amount of thread on them as the balls in the WonderFil collection.

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You’ll also find these colours available in an additional #5 and #3 thread weights. #8 is marked by green spool tops, #5 is marked by purple, and #3 by blue. This makes it easy to tell which weight you’re using at a glance. These additional thread weights make it possible to create emphasis and texture, even when doing the same embellishment stitches. It truly opens up a whole new dimension of hand embroidery.

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If you’re looking for the perfect needle to match these thread weights, Sue has made it incredibly simple. Sue Spargo brand needles are coloured to match the spool tops in her collection so you’ll know right away which needles pair with the thread size.

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Eleganza is the perfect choice for any hand embroidery projects, big stitch hand quilting, sashiko, visible mending, and crafts. You can even use it in the machine for bobbin work and couching, or on the loopers of a serger for a beautiful decorative edging.

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Inspired to stitch with Eleganza? Shop with Sue Spargo at, or find either collection in one of your local stores at And don’t forget to share what you make with it on social media using hashtag wonderfil. We’d love to be inspired by you!


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