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Introducing Designer 40wt All-Purpose Polyester Thread

A photo of Designer 40wt all-purpose polyester sewing thread.

When you need a thread you can count on, Designer knows how to get it done. This reliable 40wt all-purpose polyester is made for any general sewing, garment construction, and sergers. Strong and flexible with a soft texture, it’s practical for any everyday use.

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Fashion designers and professional dress makers love this thread for its strength and versatility. When you’re constructing clothes, an all-purpose polyester like Designer is your best choice. Because the thread has a little bit of flexibility to it, the seams will move with your body. Afterall, no one wants to hear the dreaded “pop, pop, pop” of stitches breaking when you raise your arms. This is something that can happen when sewing clothes together using cotton thread instead of a flexible all-purpose polyester, as cotton has little to no stretch to it.

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But Designer isn’t just limited to the needle. This is a fabulous serger thread that is perfect for finishing the raw edges of any project. Designer is both colorfast and safe to iron, even on high heat. And it can be safely used in washer and dryer machines without losing its strength and durability. We recommend a size 80/12 universal needle when sewing with Designer.

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And the best part? Designer comes in a whopping 210 different colors. That means you’ll always be able to find the perfect color match to any project.

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Reach for Designer the next time you need a reliable general sewing thread or want to sew your own garments at home. Afterall, what holds your projects together is one of the most important factors, even when you can’t see it.

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