Feel the love from WonderFil this February with our new limited edition Hugs and Stitches packs! Collect the amount of love you would like to receive with a 20% SAVINGS on your spools!

Hugs and Stitches: Extra Love

Celebrate this Valentine’s day surrounded by threads you love! Whether you enjoy machine embroidery or decorative quilting this thread pack has so many fun options to try. Available in 3 vibrant colorways, you are sure to find your right match!

Hugs and Stitches: Sew in Love

Have a Splendid, stitching session this February with our Hugs and Stitches: Sew in Love Splendor™ cop spool packs! Enjoy this mixture of 10 solid and variegated color tones in your next project! Let your creativity flow this Valentine’s season!