Father's Day Card Embroidery

Embroider a fun, home-made card for your dad, or the important father in your life! Just download the design and give it a unique touch with Polyfast thread, a 40wt trilobal polyester with an irresistible shine. This design is ready to download onto your computer and transfer to your machine. The pattern is 6.5” high and 4” wide but you can adjust it to your preferred size.

1. Find the ideal file format for your machine (the design comes in several file formats so it should work on most embroidery machines).

2. For this card, you will need 5 thread colors. In our design, we’ve used Polyfast in the colors listed below:
Orange – PF1072
Yellow- PF3257
– White- PF6580
Blue – PF2168
Black – PF6581

We recommend using DecoBob 80wt cottonized polyester thread in the bobbin in a color that matches your background fabric. A tear-away stabilizer works perfect for 100% cotton fabrics and once we finish embroidering, it is easy to tear the stabilizer away from the stitches without stretching the fabric. 

3. Secure the fabric and stabilizer in the hoop. Note: The fabric and stabilizer must be taut but not stretched. Attach the hoop to the machine and you are ready to go! When the design is complete, take the hoop off the machine and remove the design from the hoop, then tear away the stabilizer and the embroidery process is complete.

4. Trace the measurement of the card over the embroidery design and add an additional ¼” to
the outline and cut it following the marks. Then fold ¼” around the fabric and press it to the
wrong side of the fabric to tuck away the raw edges.

5.Finally, cut the embroidery design down to size and glue onto the card. You can use a regular
glue stick to do this. We used a blank pre-folded cardstock card from the craft store for our card
base. You only need to write dad a heart-felt message inside for the final touch