With so much happening around the world, it’s important to find strength and compassion in our friends and neighbours. This year, we want to showcase artists and designers from different backgrounds who have been vocal about standing up for a cause, or work to spread awareness and provide a voice to many of those whose own voices may go unseen or unheard. Our 2022 calendar presents the theme of solidarity to help give an audience to some of the causes important to the sewing and quilting community. As creators, we use sewing as an artform to bring people together with the hope of a brighter, more unified tomorrow.

We’re lucky to be part of such a talented community of artists. Below are all the contributors to our calendar who made this project possible.

January: Sujata Shah

Instagram: @therootconnection

February: Kim Martucci
Instagram: @brimfieldawakening

March: Veruschka Zarate
Instagram: @prideandjoyquilting

April: Wendy Williams
Instagram: @wendywilliamsflyingfishkits

May: Sue Spargo
Instagram: @suespargo

June: Mathew Boudreaux
Instagram: @misterdomestic


Amy Nguyen Newbold
Instagram: @sewtopia

Berene Campbell
Instagram: @happysewlucky

August: Sandra Lee Chandler
Instagram: @sandraleedesign

September: Herma de Ruiter
Instagram: @hermader

October: Redd Hynes
Instagram: @nerdsandneedles

November: Lisa Shepard Stewart
Instagram: @culturedexpressions

December: WonderFil Specialty Threads
Instagram: @wonderfilspecialtythread